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U.S.TaeKwonDo Center

We are a well-experienced school for 10 years with the goal to create and maintain an environment of positive energy and respect.
We engage on:
• Teaching with passion and patience to provide the best experience of learning Taekwondo for our students
• Empowering our students with useful skills in daily life such as self-defense
• Supporting every student in every way to help them build confidence and determination
• Introducing the ideas of respect, humility, perseverance, self-control, and honesty to our students and helping them to practice these qualities
• Helping every student to develop their personal identity and embrace their characters which will positively affect them at other fields in life


USTC Curriculum

We teach our students with serious discipline to train their body and mind stronger while developing positive characteristics. Each group has a different curriculum which requires certain skills that would be taught to each group. We prepare the students mentally and physically ready to face challenges given to them and encourage them to hold determination and perseverance. Students learn how to work/train with groups and help each other throughout the way. Curriculums of TaeKwonDo include Sabanchuk(kicking combination), Poomsae(form), basic motions, 1-6 punch, 16 Dokdo Step, counting in Korean, and board breaking with different techniques. There is also knowledge that each belt rank is required to remember, it gives students an organized idea of what expectations TaeKwonDo asks them to meet which effectively helps them to build on their moral standard and ethical understanding of roles in life.

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